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Nordol & Svedol KBS

Univar offers Ethanol based solutions and concentrated material for HTF applications such as Ground Source Heating Applications where alcohol based solutions are prescribed.

· Nordol KBS (Norway)
· Svedol KBS (Sweden & Denmark)

Nordol KBS is based on bioethanol which is denatured in accordance with the customs and excise regulations. Nordol KBS does not contain corrosion inhibitors. Univar supplies Nordol KBS as concentrated material or in ready to use solutions with approved fire class for direct use in the system. For approved fire class applies the B-liquids (flashpoint between + 21 ° C and + 55 ° C). Nordol KBS in concentrated form is an A liquid which is highly flammable.

Svedol KBS Bio+ is based on fermented ethanol which is denatured with 10% of other alcohols in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency rules.The product does not contain any corrosion inhibitors. Univar can offer concentrated Svedol KBS Bio+ or a 30% solution. The 30% solution has been approved fire class (fire class 2b, flash point higher than 30 ° C) for direct use in the system. Solutions which provides lower flash point than + 30 ° C is not recommended. Svedol KBS Bio+ concentrated material belongs to fire class 1, which means that it is a highly flammable product.

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