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Univar offers a full range of Heat Transfer Fluids for transferring heat or cold from a source to the users.

Applying the correct glycol is often crucial to minimize downtime and to increase the life time of a cooling system. Univar blends and stock keep our products at our terminal in Copenhagen (Denmark), in Fagerstrand (Norway) and in Malmö (Sweden). We offer customer specific blends, dilutions and concentrated material. Our products are available in various pack sizes and bulk.

DOWCAL™ Heat Transfer Fluids

Univar is an authorized distributor of the DOWCAL™ low temperature heat transfer fluid range in Denmark, Sweden & Norway.

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Univar Brineguard products are calcium chloride solutions including corrosion inhibitors.

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Brineol, HX & HX-I

Univar offers Ethanol based solutions and concentrated material for HTF applications such as Ground Source Heating Applications where alcohol based solutions are prescribed.

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