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We have developed a simple overview of the Frequently Asked Questions related to Heat Transfer Fluids in attached documents.

Open the FAQ template by clicking on below link:
FAQ HTF Norwegian

FAQ HTF Swedish

FAQ HTF Danish

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  • 1. Can I mix ethylene glycol with propylene glycol?
    Answer: No! It is two different types of glycols with different properties and various inhibitors which means they would "clump" and the corrosion protection would be reduced if the products were mixed.
  • 2. How do I find out if there is ethylene glycol or propylene glycol in my system?
    Answer: You contact Univar and agree that you will send in a product sample to be analysed. Univar offers free of charge MEG & MPG analysis at out terminals.
  • 3. What is the correct pH value?
    Answer: All new fluids have got a pH value for 8,5. However, all pH measurements for more than 7,0 are acceptable.
  • 4. Which dilutions do you recommend?
    Answer: Univar offers customer specific product dilutions as per your requirement in various packaging as well as bulk. Please contact us for more information