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DOWCAL™ Heat Transfer Fluids

The DOWCAL™ heat transfer fluids are clear ethylene or propylene glycol-based liquids formulated with high quality corrosion inhibitors for optimum system performance.
They are optimal solutions if the freezing point of water is not low enough to allow its use in certain applications. Typically diluted with water, DOWCAL™ fluids offer reduced viscosity, increased heat capacity and thermal conductivity, and take advantage of the excellent heat transfer properties of water over a broad range of temperatures.

Univar is an authorized distributor of the DOWCAL™ low temperature heat transfer fluid range in Denmark, Sweden & Norway.

The DOWCAL™ heat transfer fluids can be used in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Heating and cooling applications = Ground Source Heat Pumps, solar systems & HVAC systems
  • Food industry applications = Cooling liquid foods, fermentation cooling, packaging of carbonated beverages
  • Industrial applications= Process chilling, batch processing systems, heat recovery
  • Construction applications= Ice skating rinks, snow melting systems, floor heating etc.

Our DOWCAL portfolio consist of three main groups

– Ethylene Glycol

– Propylene Glycol

- Propylene Glycol
- FDA approved


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